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How to Join

At the beginning of each semester, we host an informational session as well as two “meet the members” sessions.  At these three introductory events, you have the opportunity to sign up for email updates in order to get an application, which will further be emailed to you once the three introductory sessions are completed. Once we go through the applications, we extend interviews to the notable candidates. The interview process consists of one interview with two executive members, one other potential new member, and yourself. Selections for membership take place after all interviews are finished.

New Members

​The new member process is a six week process that is led by the New Member Development Directors. Within this process the new members will gain professional experiences with other new members and peer mentors. They have the opportunity to build their resume, gain professional development and presentation skills. New members will have the opportunity to create a new project within the three tiers of WIB, Service, Social or Professional. With this they have the opportunity to connect with new members and present their idea to the rest of the organization and potentially put the project into fruition. The new member process allows the individual to become acclimated and gain on the benefits of Women In Business. 

"Find your key to success"


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